Events - Drop-It, Build-It, Float-It, Launch-It, Thrill-It

Drop-It, Build-It, Float-It, Launch-It, Thrill-It April 11th, 2015

Committee Chair: Krystin Berntsen & Jimmy Richie

Drop-It Build-It Float-It Launch-It Thrill-It (DIBIFILITI) is a design competition for elementary, middle and high school students in Palm Beach County. Students participate in five competitions for cash prizes.

This annual event is co-sponsored with the South Florida Science Museum. For more information, follow this link to the DI-BI-FI-LI website.

VOLUNTEERS needed! If you are interested in VOLUNTEERING for this exciting competition then please contact a Chapter Board member. Breakfast and lunch are served for our volunteers. Please join us for this fun day of enigneering competition!

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